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Board and Committee Appointments - Clay Sweeting Named Deputy Chairman of BAIC

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Mr. Clay Sweeting, the 26-year-old Spanish Wells native, who offered himself as a PLP candidate in the 2012 general elections, has been appointed to the position of deputy chairman  of the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) under chairman, Mr. Arnold Forbes (MP).

Other notable appointments include Ms. Danielle Gibson (Bahamas Trade Commission, National Advisory Committee on Industrial & Technical Education & Training), Mr. Thomas Sands (Bahamas Trade Commission), and Mr. Edrin Symonette (National Advisory Committee for Agriculture). Mr. Gilbert Pinder, Mr. Raymond Pinder  and   Mr. Chuck Pinder  have been appointed to  the fisheries Advisory Committee. Ms Paula Bethel (Eleuthera) has been appointed to the National Child Protection Council. 

The  long list of appointments is included below, and as an attachment.

Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy 

Minister responsible for grants of pardons,
The Hon Bernard J. Nottage, MP            -    Chairman
Attorney General  
Dr. Nelson Clarke   
Rev. Timothy Stuart   
Mrs. Sylvia Sealy   
Pastor Tom Roberts

2.     Advisory Committee on Cooperative Development

Mrs. Juliette Barnwell, LVO -    Chairman,     Mr. Roosevelt Finlayson  -    Deputy Chairman, Ms. Sonia Hamilton, Mr. Eris Moncur, Mr. Godfrey Eneas, Mr. Van Adderley , Mr. Rudy Sawyer, Mrs. Mildred Williamson, Mr. Patrick Smith, Mr. Leon Smith, Mrs. Cheryl Bowe-Moss, Mr. Errington Thompson, Mr. Bertram Mills   
Representatives: Agriculture Cooperative Societies     - (Andros)     - (North Abaco)     - (Central Abaco) - Mr. Lennie Etienne     - (Eleuthera)     - (Harbour Island)     Bahamas Chamber of Commerce

3.     Advisory Council on Public Records
Director of Archives     The Registrar General     Dr. Gail Saunders     Ms. Willamae Johnson (COB Librarian)     Ms. Betty Arnette     Mr. Raynard Rigby     Dr. Christine Campbell     Dr. Dione Benjamin-Smith     Mr. Raymond Wells        
4.     Aid to Discharged Prisoners Committee

Rev. Father Glen Nixon     Rev. Agnes Glinton     Rev. Mitchell Jones     Rev. Ivan Butler     Rev. Beryl Higgs     Bishop Lawrence Rolle     Bishop Victor Johnson     Bishop Godfrey Williams     Rev. Irene Rolle     Rev. Vernita Simmons     Pastor Raymond Wells     Bishop Ross Davis     Rev. Walter Hanchell     Bishop Ian Brathwaite     Bishop Arnold Josey     Bishop Charles Rolle     Rev. Ranford Patterson     Rev. Clarence Knowles     Rev. Albert Hepburn     Mr. Renford Munroe     Mr. Mark Knowles

5.     Air Transport Advisory Board
Sen. The Hon. Gary Sawyer            -    Chairman,  Ms. Robin Lynes     Ms. Stephanie Johnson     Mr. Darren Rodgers     Mrs. Alana Bethel

6.     Airport Authority

Mr. Anthony McKinney -    Chairman, Ms. Manita Wisdom  -    Deputy Chairman, Dr. Gregory Carey     Mr. Douglas Hanna     Rev. Lloyd Smith     Mrs. Annishka Holmes     Mr. Michael Foster

7.     Anti-Doping Commission
Dr. Jerome Lightbourne                -    Chairman     Dr. Lockley Munroe     Dr. Julian Stewart     Ms. Pauline Davis     Mr. Fred Sturrup     Mr. David “Stretch” Morley     Mr. Roscoe Davies     Mr. Charles Robbins     Dr. Patrick Roberts     Mr. Sam Haven     Director of Sports 
8.     Antiquities Monuments and Museum Board

    Mr. Courtney Strachan                -    Chairman, Rev. Colin Archer     Mrs. Angela Cleare     Dr. Gail Saunders     Ms. Amanda Lindroth

9.     Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation
Mr. Arnold Forbes   -    Chairman     Mr. Clay Sweeting  -    Deputy Chairman, Bishop Delton Fernander     Ms. Daphne Culmer     Mr. Dudley Sawyer     Mr. Mark Turnquest     Ms. Laura Williams     Mr. Chris Symonette     

10.    Bahamas Development Bank
Mr. Calvin Knowles                    -    Chairman     Mr. Fritz Stubbs                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mrs. Shonalee Munroe     Mr. Keenan Johnson     Mr. Lewis Astwood     Mrs. Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson     Rev. Helen McPhee     Mr. Grafton Ifill Jr.     Ms. Juanita Percentie     Ms. Paula Adderley     Mrs. Hannah Grant

11.     Bahamas Electricity Corporation

    Mr. Leslie Miller                    -    Chairman     Ms. Donna Smith                    -    Deputy Chairman
    Mr. Edward Darville     Mr. Arnold Bain     Ms. Angela Sawyer     Dr. Paul Duncombe     Mrs. Yvette Sands     Mr. Basil McIntosh     Mr. Obie Ferguson

12.     Bahamasair Holdings Limited
Mr. Valentine Grimes                -     Chairman     Mr. Alfred Stewart                    -    Deputy Chairman
Dr. Anthony Davis   Ms. Lashelle Adderley     Archdeacon I Ranfurly Brown     Ms. Pat Mortimer     Mr. Tom Basden     Mr. Kelly Nottage     Mr. Chris Harris 

13.     Bahamas Maritime Authority
Mr. Anthony Kikivarakis                -    Chairman     Mr. Peter Goulandris                -    Deputy Chairman
Mrs. Bertha Cooper-Rousseau     Mr. Ellie Hepburn     Mr. Gary Christie     Mr. Michael Symonette     Mr. Dudley Martinborough 

14.     Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO
Mr. Franklyn Wilson                    -    Chairman     Mrs. Cyprianna McWeeney            -    Deputy Chairman     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of            -    Secretary     Education, Science and Technology 
15.     Bahamas National Drug Council
     Mr. William Weeks                    -    Co-Chairman     Mr. Joseph Darville                    -    Co-Chairman     Dr. Carolyn Hanna     Rev. Dr. Colin Archer     Pastor Paul Scavella     Pastor Dave Burrows     Mr. Terry Miller      Mr. Carlos Reid     Dr. Timothy Barrett     Mrs. Zelma Dean     Mrs. Pauline Allen-Dean     Mr. Osbourne Stuart     Pastor Vaughn Cash     Mrs. Carolyn Roberts     Ms. Jewel Major     Pastor Hugh Roach     Rev. C. B. Moss     Rev. Hank Williams     Mrs. Doris Barry      Ms. Ruth Pinder (Abaco)     Mr. Leonard Clarke     Lt. Commander Philip Clarke     Ms. Paulamae Allen                           Contd.        
    Royal Bahamas Police Force     Royal Bahamas Defence Force     National Anti-Drug Secretariat     Ministry of Health     Ministry of Education      Customs Department     Department of Social Services  

16.     Bahamas National Trust      Mr. Earlston McPhee     Mr. Benjamin Pratt     Mr. Michael Braynen     Mr. Keod Smith     

17.     Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board (New Providence)
    Mr. Athama Bowe                    -    Chairman
    Ms. Nicola Kemp     Mr. Patrick Rolle     Mr. Philip Kemp     Dr. Ian Strachan     Mr. James Catalyn     Ms. Betty Knowles     Ms. Claudette “Cookie” Allens     Mrs. Marsha Major     Mr. Berkley “Peanuts” Taylor     Ms. Sherry Alleyne     Ms. Carolyn Roberts     Mr. Latore Mackey     Ms. Paulette Forbes     Ms. Monica Flowers     Ms. Leslie Vanderpool     Ms. Carla Saunders     Ms. Tanya Mackey     Ms. Jackie Riley     Ms. Nikki Simmons     Mr. Anton Thompson     Mr. Nachon Rolle

18.     Bahamas Trade Commission
Mr. Philip Galanis                    -    Chairman
Mr. Jonathan Cartwright     Mr. Andrew Rodgers     Ms. Ivy Cassar     Ms. Danielle Gibson     Ms. Samantha Rolle     Mr. Gil Pinder     Mr. Godfrey Eneas     Mr. Thomas Sands Mr. Sloane Smith     Ms. Mary Culmer

19.     Bank of The Bahamas: Board of Directors
Mr. Richard Demeritte                -    Chairman     Dr. Marcus Bethel                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Rawson McDonald     Mr. Don Davis     Mrs. Donna Harding-Lee     Mr. John Wilson     Mr. Eric Gibson Jr.     Bishop Ros Davis     Mr. Robert “Sandy” Sands     Mr. Errol McKinney     Mr. Roger Minnis 

20.     Boxing Commission

Mr. Alvin Sargent                    -    Chairman     Mr. Fred Sturrup                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Leonard “Boston Blackie” Miller (Honorary)     Mr. Levan Hinsey     Mr. Locksley Thompson     Mr. Ray Minus Jr.     Dr. Norman Gay     Dr. Patrick Roberts     Mr. Walter Rolle     Ms. Kayla Minus     Dr. Munir Rashad     Mr. Bert Perry (Honorary)     Mr. Terry Goldsmith     Captain Fernley Palmer     Mr. Leslie Cornish     Mr. Wellington Miller     Mr. James Tynes     Mr. Nelson Chipman     Mr. Wilfred Coakley (Honorary)     Mr. Roger Kelty     Mr. Dwayne Murray     Mr. Alvin Davis

21.     Bridge Authority
Mr. Rory Higgs                    -    Chairman     Mr. Vanlock Fowler                    -    Deputy Chairman
Rev. Delton Ellis     Mrs. Melissa Hall     Mr. James Rolle     Ms. Iris Hudson     Mr. John Clarke                

22.     Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas
Rev. Dr. William Thompson            -    Chairman     Mr. Louis Hanchell                    -    Deputy Chairman
Ms. Jacqueline Simmons     Mr. Winston Moss     Mr. Brian Seymour      

23.     Cabs (Hackney Carriages) Board for The Bahamas
Dr. Maurice Isaacs     Dr. Kwasi Smith     Representatives:     Controller of Road Traffic Department     Royal Bahamas Police Force     Ministry of Tourism     Bahamas Humane Society 

24.     Central Bank of The Bahamas Board
Archdeacon James Palacious     Mr. Felix Stubbs     Mr. L. Edgar Moxey     Mr. Maxwell Gibson   25.     Clifton Heritage Authority
Mr. Keith Wisdom                    -    Chairman     Ms. Tracy Thompson                -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Bennet Atkinson     Mrs. Keva Hanna-Lawrence     Mr. Dwayne Woods     Dr. Gail Saunders     Ms. Cynthia Cox         Representatives:     College of The Bahamas     Ministry of Tourism     Bahamas National Trust     Department of Archives

26.     College of The Bahamas, Council of the
Mr. Alfred Sears                    -    Chairman
Dr. Earl Cash                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Lowell Mortimer     Mr. Colin Higgs     Mr. David Morley     Mr. Arthur Jones     Ms. Anita Bain     President of the College of The Bahamas, Ex-Officio     President of the College of the Bahamas Union of Students (COBUS)     President of the Alumni Association of the College of The Bahamas     Representative of the Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas (UTEB)          


27.     Compliance Commission

    Sen. The Hon. Cheryl Bazard            -    Chairman
    Mr. James Carey     Mr. Dywan Rogers 

28.     Copyright Royalty Tribunal

    Mr. Obie Pindling                    -    Chairman
    Mrs. Jessica Maycock-Colebrooke     Mr. Dominic Williams 

29.     Defence Commission Board
     Mr. B. K. Bonamy Sr.     Mr. Franklyn Clarke     Captain Anthony Allens

30.     Dental Council

    Dr. Barry Russell                    -    Chairman
    Dr. Mitchell Lockhart     Dr. Joyous Pickstock     Dr. Lea Percentie     Ms. Debbie Barry     Dr. Catherine Adderley     Chief Medical Officer - Ex-Officio 

31.     Education Loan Authority

    Mr. Don Demeritte                    -    Chairman
    Ms. Kendolyn Cartwright     Ms. Sharon Martin     Mrs. Sylvia Diggis-Beneby     Ms. Camille Johnson     Mr. Leslie Bowleg     Mrs. Belinda Wilson     Chairman of Education Committee

32.     Education Committee
Ms. Arnette Poitier                    -    Chairman    
Mr. David Maynard                    -    Deputy Chairman
Ms. Pia Rolle     Ms. Roselle Wilson     Mrs. Shelly Cooke-Seymour

33.     Environmental Health Board
Mr. Anthony Roberts                -    Chairman
Mr. Ralph Hanna     Mr. Keino Cambridge     Mrs. Nikeira Gaskins-Wilchcombe     Director of Environmental Health   

34.     Fisheries Advisory Committee
Mr. Glen Pritchard                        -    Co-Chairman     Mr. Michael Braynen                      -    Co-Chairman
(Director of Fisheries)     Mr. Wendell Saunders     Mr. Bursil Johnson     Mr. Kirk Neely     Mr. Clinton Scavella     Mr. Desmond Collie     Mr. Terrance Bullard     Mr. Timmy Thompson     Mr. Wayne Anthony Roberts     Ms. Marion Saunders     Ms. Mia Dean     Mr. Christian Knowles     Mr. David Farrington     Mr. Randy Mackey     Mr. Jay Dean     Mr. V. Gurth Russell     Mr. Ruel Forbes     Mr. Gilbert Pinder     Mr. Emile Knowles     Mr. Jerome Stuart     Mr. Raymond Pinder     Mr. Chuck Pinder 

35.     Food Standards Board

Director of Agriculture                    -    Chairman     Director of Environmental Health Services            -    Co-Chairman
Mr. John Adderley     Mr. Andy Smith     Ms. Donna Williams     Mr. Jasmin Bain     Mr. Garfiled Deal     Mr. Millard Bethel     Ms. Iris Seymour     Mr. Tristan Lockhart     Ms. Pamela Johnson     Ms. Yvonne Taylor     Dr. Patti Symonette     Ms. Donna Petty

36.     Gaming Board

    Dr. Andre Rollins                        -    Chairman
    Ms. Terah Rahming     Mr. Myles Laroda

37.     Health Professions Council
Dr. Charles Diggis                        -    Chairman     Dr. Kenneth Kemp                        -    Deputy Chairman   
Chief Medical Officer     Dr. Glen Beneby     Dr. Richard Knowles     Ms. Monique Culmer     Ms. Velma Burrows     Ms. Ann Marie Roberts     Dr. Curtis McMillan Jr.     Mrs. Pamela Burnside     Dr. Patti Symonette 

38.     Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Licencing Board
Dr. Yasmin Williams-Robinson                -    Chairman     Mrs. Christel Sands-Feaste                -    Deputy Chairman
Dr. Wilfred Ferguson     Dr. Josephine Bartlette     Dr. Winston Forbes     Mrs. Debbie Sturrup-Johnson     Rev. Timothy Stewart     Ms. Persephone Munnings     Chief Medical Officer         

39.    Hotel Corporation of The Bahamas
Sen. The Hon. Julian Russell                -    Chairman
Ms. Venus Bonimy     Mr. Charles Major Jr.     Mrs. Sylvia Diggis-Beneby     Mr. Fred Moss     Ms. Ursula Coakely     Rev. Ednol Minnis     Mr. Andrew Smith     Mr. Ian Cargil             

40.     Hotel Licensing Board
Ms. Tanisha Tynes                        -    Chairman
Mr. Charles Wallace     Mr. Humphrey Simmons     Ms. Maria L. Butler     Ms. Betty Knowles           

41.     Insurance Commission
     Superintendent of Insurance,
Ex-Officio     Deputy Superintendent of Insurance, Ex-Officio     Ms. Jan Bowleg     Mr. James Campbell     Mr. Andrew Edwards     Mr. Keith Major     Mrs. Margarette Tatem-Gilbert 

42.     Joint Advisory Committee
Government Representatives:
Director of Labour                        -    Chairman
Permanent Secretary - Ministry of     Labour and National Insurance     Permanent Secretary - Ministry of     Education, Science and Technology     Permanent Secretary - Ministry of     Agriculture, Marine Resources and     Local Government          Workers Representatives:     President, National Congress of Trade Unions     President, Bahamas Trade Union of Congress     Representative of the Bahamas Hotel      Catering and Allied Workers Union
    Chairman, Bahamas Professional Pilot’s Union       
Employers Representatives:     President, Bahamas Hotel Employers Association     President, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce     President, Bahamas Employee Confederation      
43.     Land Surveyors Board

    Surveyor General                        -    Chairman
    Mr. Donald Thompson     Ms. Shawn Henry      

44.     Medical Council

    Dr. Franklyn Walkine                    -    Chairman
    Dr. Wesley Francis     Dr. Nigel Johnson     Dr. Dane Bowe     Dr. Freeman Lockhart     Dr. Conville Brown     Chief Medical Officer - Ex-Officio

45.     Mental Health Review Tribunal

    Ms. Dellareece Taylor                    -    Chairman
    Ms. Carolyn Roberts     Dr. Kendal Christie     Dr. Herbert Orlander     Ms. Ivy Wilson      

46.     Mortgage Corporation

    Sen. The Hon Alex Storr                    -    Chairman
    Ms. Vanria Munnings
    Mr. Kevin Stuart    
    Mr. John Pinder     Mr. John Martin     Ms. Barbara Cartwright      Rev. Albert Hepburn     Mr. Kevin Ferguson     Mr. Mario Bannister 

47.     Nassau Flight Services

    Sen. The Hon. Jerome Gomez                -    Chairman     Ms. Idena Burrows
    Ms. Laurie Lightfoot     Mr. Clinton Minnis     Mr. William Seymour     Ms. Joy Whyms     Ms. Jennifer Johnson    

48.     National Advisory Committee for Agriculture

    Mr. Godfrey Eneas                        -    Chairman     Director of Agriculture                    -    Co-Chairman
    Mr. Caleb Evans     Mr. John Saunders     Mr. Lernis Cornish     Mr. Edrin Symonette     Mr. Bert Knowles     Mr. Bruce Pinder     Mr. Wellington Ferguson     Mr. Don Carnine     Mr. Errington Thompson     Mr. Levarity Deveaux     Mr. Rye Bhudu     Mr. Alvin Deleveaux     Mr. Chad Thompson     Mrs. Selena Campbell-Hauber     Ms. Theresa Kemp     Mr. Bert Knowles     Mr. Dion Gibson     Mrs. Rionda Godet     Mr. Gerard Moss     Mr. Mark Hanna     Mr. Christopher Stubbs     Mr. Greg Stuart     Mr. Van Adderley      

49.     National Advisory Committee on Industrial and Technical Education and Training
Mr. Abraham Butler                        -    Chairman
Ms. Gina Brown     Ms. Danielle Gibson     Ms. Pauline Curry     Ms. Gigi Sherman     Mrs. Sharine Johnson-Poitier     Mrs. Barbara Rodgers-Newbold     Mr. Stephano
Greene     Ms. Sabrina Francis     Mr. Desmond Sands     Mrs. Maude Smith-Hanna     Mr. Selwyn Basden     Mr. Sidney Forbes 

50.     National Advisory Council for Education 

President of the College of The Bahamas            -    Chairman
Representatives:     The Bahamas Union of Teachers     The Bahamas Association of Independent Schools     The Bahamas Child Care & Pre-School Association     The Association of Tertiary Institutions in The Bahamas     The National Parent Teachers Federation     The Chamber of Commerce     The National Student Council     The Bahamas National Council for the Disabled

51.     National Art Gallery
Mr. Stanley Burnside                    -    Chairman     Ms. Chantal Bethel                        -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Antonius Roberts     Mrs. Elizabeth Dingman     Dr. Gail Saunders     Representatives:     Antiquities, Monuments & Museum Corporation     National Art Gallery     Department of Archives     College of The Bahamas     Department of Culture     Ministry of Tourism     Bahamas Historical Society

52.     National Child Protection Council
Pastor Gil Maycock                        -    Chairman     Dr. Novia Carter-Higgs                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mrs. Carolyn Roberts     Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson 
Ms. Michelle Mitchell     Dr. George Charite     Ms. Cecilia Strachan     Pastor Barrington Brennen     Ms. Gillian Wilson     Ms. Vangy Ferguson (Grand Bahama)     Rev. Carrington Pinder     Ms. Paula Bethel (Eleuthera)     Ms. Elaine Pinder     Representatives:     Director of Social Services     Director of Rehabilitative Welfare Services     Royal Bahamas Police Force     Ministry of Education, Science and Technology     Ministry of Health     Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture      


53.    National Committee for Families and Children    
    Mrs. Cleopatra Christie                    -    Chairman
    Ms. Ambrosine Huyler           
    (Child Protection Council)     Ms. Robin Lynes                 Elder Patrice Ellis     Mr. Gil Maycock     Canon Harry Ward     Ms. Minalee Hancell     Director of Social Services     Representatives:     Ministry of Health     Ministry of Education, Science and Technology     Bahamas Christian Council     Bahamas Association for Physically Disabled     Attorney General’s Office     Exuma     Grand Bahama      

54.     National Council on Older Persons
Mrs. Juliette Barnwell                    -    Chairman     Mr. Charles Sawyer                        -    Co-Chairman
Mrs. Jane Adderley     Mrs. Edith Powell     Dr. Urbana Burrows     Mr. E. J. Bowe     Mrs. Andrea Archer     Mr. Patrick Gomez     Ms. Gwen McDiegan     Ms. Idena Burrows     Bishop V.G. Clarke                 Contd.       
Mr. Chris Wring Rev. Dr. Kendal Capron      Pastor Eddie Victor     Ms. Suzanna Bethel     Representatives:     Retired Persons Association     Ministry of Health     Ministry of Social Services     Bahamas Nurses Association      

55.     National Insurance Appeal Tribunal     
Mr. Andrew McKinney     Ms. Inell Collie     Mr. Devard Francis     Mr. Glendon Rolle     Representatives:     Bahamian Contractors Association     Bahamas Hotel Employer’s Association     Bahamas Chamber of Commerce     Bahamas Employers Confederation     Supermarket & Warehouse Workers Union     Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers     Union     The Bahamas Communications and Public      Officers Union     The Bahamas Public Services Union     Bahamas Utilities Services Allied Workers     Union     Bahamas Musicians and Entertainers Union     Appeals Tribunals  

56.     National Insurance Board     
Mr. Greg Moss                    -    Chairman
Mr. Bernard Evans                        -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Jayson Moxey     Ms. Linda Evans     Mr. Freddie Munnings Jr.     Dr. Josephine Bartlette     Mr. Philip Beneby     Mr. Patrick Davis     Mr. Kingman Ingraham     Mr. Marquista Thompson     Bishop Harry Collie

57.     National Junkanoo Committee (New Providence)
Mr. William “Bill” Wallace                -    Co-Chairman     Mr. George Bethel                    -    Co-Chairman     Mr. Brian Adderley                    -    Deputy Chairman     Mr. Anton Dean                    -     Deputy Chairman     Mr. Chris Justillien                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Quentin “Barrabas” Woodside     Mr. Vaughn Jones     Mr. Leslie Johnson     Mr. Jayson Minnis     Mr. Anthony Smith     Mr. Bernard Hanna     Mrs. Kishlane O’Brien     Mr. Arthur Gibson     Mr. Henry Higgins     Mr. Carlyne Smith     Mr. Kevin Ferguson     Mr. Winston “Gus” Cooper (Honorary)     Mr. Percival “Vola” Francis (Honorary)     Mr. Winston Rolle (Honourary)     Mr. Michael Foster     Mr. Nigel McCardy     Mr. Silbert Ferguson     Mr. Gary Johnson     Mr. Maurice Tynes     Mr. Dwayne Woods     Mr. Brian Gibson     Mr. Andrew Pinder     Ms. Ashward Ferguson     Representatives:     Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence (5)

58.     National Junkanoo Committee (Grand Bahama)
Dr. Lea Percentie                        -    Co-Chairman    
Mr. Alison Smith                        -    Co-Chairman
Mr. Robert Grant     Mr. Johnny Glinton     Mr. Vandyke Hepburn     Mr. Peter Adderley     Mr. Kirk Neilly     Mr. Jerrith Rolle     Ms. Kaylesa Beneby     Mr. Jeffrey Johnson     Mr. Sean Bowe     Mr. Derek King     Mr. Pedro Edwards     Ms. Jackie Russell     Mr. Aswell Kemp     Mr. Clifton Francis     Ms. Marsha Stubbs     Mr. Kevin Russell     Mr. Wellington Moultrie     Mr. Barry Wilson

59.     National Scholarship Committee
Mr. William Poitier                        -    Co-Chairman     Ms. Casietta McIntosh                    -    Co-Chairman
Ms. Sandeena Mortimer     Ms. Alexandria Hall     Mr. Andre Rahming     Ms. Candy Kelly     Mrs. Barbara Barnes     Director of Education, Ex-Officio     Administrator, Scholarship and      Educational Loan Division - Secretary

60.     Nursing Council of The Bahamas
Ms. Carol Dean                        -    Chairman     Mrs. Gwendolyn Brice-Sealy                -    Deputy Chairman
Mrs. Marcelle Johnson     Ms. Persephone Munnings     Ms. Gina Dean     Ms. Lakera Rolle     Dr. Cherita Moxey     Mrs. Lillian Black-Charlton     Mrs. Ann Hall     Ms. Paulette Cash

61.     Pharmacy Council
Ms. Barbara Donathan                    -    Chairman
Mr. A. Flowers     Ms. Sheena Scott     Mr. Carroll Sands     Ms. Calliope Smith     Dr. Marvin Smith     Ms. Paula Adderley     Chief Medical Officer

62.     Port Authority - New Providence
Mr. George Knowles                    -    Chairman
Mr. Calvin Brown     Ms. Vivian Miller     Mr. John Tucker     Mr. Ryan Bain     Mr. Tavares Laroda     Mr. Renford Munroe

63.     Prices Commission
Ms. Renae McKay                        -    Chairman
Mr. Ernest J. Bowe     Mr. Colin Wright     Mr. Andrew Burrows     Mrs. Nicole Martin     Mr. Doral J. Weech     Representatives:     Bahamas Customs     Department of Environmental Health Services     Department of Statistics     Mr. Alpheus Forbes - Secretary 

64.     Prisons Visiting Committee
Ms. Zelrona Mackey     Pastor Patricia Rolle     Bishop Revie Francis     Rev. Julius Kemp     Pastor Allan Lee

65.     Public Hospitals Authority Board
Sen. The Hon. Frank Smith                -    Chairman
Mr. Nathaniel Beneby     Mr. Paul McWeeney     Managing Director, Ex-Officio     Rev. E. John Newton     Ms. Renee Lockhart     Ms. Denise Wilson     Dr. Robert Gibson     Mr. Franklyn Kemp     Mr. Paul Smith     Dr. Paul Ward       66.    Real Estate Association - The Disciplinary Committee      Mrs. Elizabeth Higgs-Mabon     Mr. Clement Maynard III     Ms. Paula Adderley     Dr. Prince Bonamy 
     Real Property Tax Appeal Tribunal

    Mr. Keith Seymour
    Ms. Jobeth Coleby    
    Mr. Darren Pickstock      

68.     Residential Care Establishments Licensing Authority Board

Rev. Angela Palacious                    -    Chairman   
Mr. Bertram Knowles                    -    Deputy Chairman
Director of Social Services, Ex-Officio     Mrs. Bloneva Adderley-Rolle     Mrs. Patricia Moxey     Ms. Sophia Dean     Mr. Kenny Deveaux     Representatives:     Ministry of Health     Ministry of Works and Urban Development

69.     Road Traffic Authority
Mr. Dion Smith, MP                        -    Chairman
Mr. Alex Reckley     Ms. Felecia Woods     Mr. Ricardo Hunt     Mr. Ed Sherman     Mr. Elton Williamson     Ms. Leticia Fowler     Mrs. Debbie McKenzie-Lightbourne     Mr. Michael Wright     Mr. Traver Whylly

70.     Securities Commission Board
Ms. Patricia Hermanns                    -    Chairman     Mrs. Tonya Galanis                        -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Jerry Butler     Ms. Arinthia Komolafe     Mrs. Marion Bethel-Sears     Ms. Robin Scavella     Ms. Kimberley Smith     Mr. Philip McKenzie     Mrs. Sharmie Austin

71.     Straw Market Authority
Mr. Ron Pinder                        -    Chairman     Mr. William “Billy” Nottage                    -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Devard Francis Mr. Paul Bevans     Mr. Kevin Simmons     Mrs. Barbara Pierre     Mrs. Allardyce Strachan     Mr. Kevin Ferguson (Pinewood)     Ms. Rebecca Small

72.     Town Planning Committee
Mr. Wilshire Bethel                        -    Chairman     Mr. George Bethel                        -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Een Colebrooke     Ms. Marquetta Collie     Mr. Larry Russell     Mr. Michael Gomez     Mr. Irrington “Minky” Isaacs

73.     Urban Renewal Commission

Mrs. Cynthia “Mother” Pratt                -    Co-Chairman    
Mr. Algernon Allen                        -    Co-Chairman
Representatives:     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     Works and Urban Development     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     National Security     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     Social Services     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of      Labour and National Insurance     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     Education, Science and Technology     Permanent Secretary, Ministry for      Grand Bahama     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     Health     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     the Environment and Housing     Permanent Secretary, Ministry of     Youth, Sports and Culture     Bahamas Christian Council     Trade Union Congress     National Congress of Trade Unions,Bahamas     Bahamas Chamber of Commerce     Employers Federation     Fraternal Organizations     Service Organizations     Youth Organizations

74.     Utilities Regulation Competition Authority (URCA) Board
Mr. Randol Dorsett                        -    Chairman
Ms. Charisse Cox-Nottage     Mr. Ian Winder

75.     Veterinary Board
Director of Agriculture                    -    Chairman
Dr. Dawn Wilson     Dr. Godfrey Springer 

76.      Visiting Committee - Simpson Penn Centre for Boys
Mr. Patrick Smith                        -    Chairman
Mr. Troy Clarke     Dr. Prince Bonamy     Mr. Eric Fox     Mr. Mark Knowles     Mr. Sam McLean     Mr. Floyd Lewis     Rev. Clarence Knowles     Mr. Darren Henfield     Mr. Henry Curry     Rev. Carl Campbell     Mr. Janairo Turnquest 

77.     Visiting Committee - Willie Mae Pratt Centre for Girls
Mrs. Doris Barry                         -    Chairman
Ms. Zoe Gibson     Ms. Lavette McFall     Ms. Monica Flowers     Ms. Cecilia Cooper     Elder Andrea Cox     Ms. Stacia Major     Ms. Samatha Anderson     Ms. Sherry Ferguson     Ms. Royann Lowe     Ms. Nadia Rolle     Ms. Kim Rhodriquez     Mr. Franchon Braynen

78.     Water and Sewerage Corporation Board
Mr. Bradley Roberts                        -    Chairman     Mr. Audley Hanna                        -    Deputy Chairman
Mr. John Bain     Mr. Hubert Fowler     Rev. Lester Cox     Representative:     Ministry of Finance          

79.     Women’s Advisory Council
Mrs. Marina Mason-Smith                    -    Chairman
Mrs. Maudlyn Smith-Hanna     Rev. Gloria Ferguson     Mrs. Sharine Poitier-Johnson     Ms. Sabrina Francis     Ms. Marina Sands     Representatives:     PLP Women’s Branch  FNM Women’s Branch     DNA Women’s Alliance     Grand Bahama     1 Other Family Island     Zonta     Links     Ministry of Works and Urban Development

80.     Youth Advisory Committee (New Providence)
Rev. Dianna Francis                    -    Chairman     Ms. D’Asante Beneby                    -    Co-Chairman
Mr. Darren Rodgers     Mr. Jeff Swaby     Ms. Genea Meadows     Ms. Alphamae Francis     Mr. Tony Ingraham     Bishop Kirklyn Smith     Mr. Tahj Seymour     Ms. Andrea Kelly     Mr. Rashad Burrows     Ms. Rebecca Johnson     Ms. Antoinette Francis     Mr. Dematheo Forbes     Ms. Shakara Davis     Representatives:     Boy’s Brigade Association         Girl’s Guides Association     Police Athletic League     Young Liberals     Torchbearers     Young Democrats     Rotary     Kiwanis     Royal Bahamas Police Force     Royal Bahamas Defence Force     COBUS (2)

81.     Youth Advisory Committee (Grand Bahama)

Bishop Ricardo Grant     Bishop Goffrey Williams     Ms. Erma Jones     Mr. Christian Lockhart                             Ms. Charise King     Mr. Garfield Robbins     Mr. Garan Russell     Evangelist Dolly Stuart     Evangelist Sandra Rollins     Mr. Tai McKenzie         


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